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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Projects get backburnered all the time

Hey everybody. Well as per usual, my wiki project got pushed to the back burner. I was having difficult time getting the wiki setup properly, so I tried some other packages and they too, were difficult to get working. Then my VP came in a told me he needed a new PC. So that is what I am taking up today.

I got the PC in late last week and started getting the OS setup for him. Now I am running the Transfer & Setting wiz to move his stuff to the new PC. I seems to be working well. We will see what happens after it is done.


One thing that this week has emphasized to me is the importance of, a computer bench that you can set up multiple PCs on. Mine is about 8 ft long and has a powerstrip from multiple cords and a switch so I can have network access for all the machines ont he bench. I have a couple of monitors. I really need to find a KVM switch that works for the bench. I can find one that works, but most of them are difficult to mess with and I find that I can just plug and unplug stuff faster. KVMs my be nice and neat for my server rack, but for the fast-moving world of my work bench, it just gets in the way.

I hope to get back to the wiki soon, but I am testing out some new builds of our software on Vista so, we will see.

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